Since its introduction, Universal Nutrition's Animal M-Stak has attracted worldwide interest from bodybuilders and strength athletes looking for anabolic support that doesn't involve manipulating, or trying to manipulate, hormone levels. Universal answer is the M-Stak. M-Stak is a pack-style supplement intended to support anabolic muscle growth by affecting several specific biological pathways. Note: Animal M-Stak is suitable for natural bodybuilders as well as drug-tested athletes since it contains no steroid derivatives.

Each capsule in the M-Stak pack is essentially a separate supplement focused on a specific aspect of your metabolism. One component addresses insulin sensitivity. Another component, a methylxanthine blend that includes caffeine and theobromine, cranks up your metabolism when taken as directed, before your workout. These stimulants are in the red capsule only, so you can avoid taking them if you need to or save it for another time if you want to. There's a nice blend of anti-catabolic branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) like leucine, isoleucine and valine. Then there's the M-Factor Complex which is oriented toward helping you absorb and use all the other ingredients. M-Factor Complex works by both enhancing absorption (Bioperine) and slowing their breakdown (dihydroxybergamotin).

M-Stak is a product you use for a specific, limited period of time (21 days) in conjunction with a strength training program. According to Universal, the M-Stak is designed with the prototypical hard gainer in mind. But anyone looking to put on some more muscle or see some better gains can use Animal M-Stak. Universal Nutrition has plenty of experience making great sports nutrition supplements, so you can put some faith in the M-Stak. Can't break that plateau? Keep training hard and try a 21-day cycle of Animal M-Stak.