Excelsior aims at being one the strongest pre-workout formulas available to date that provides an instant hit of energy, giving you skin-tearing pumps & hardcore intensity

Why Excelsior?

Everyone knows the benefits of stimulation prior to working out, and the effect this ultimately has on your gains. Don't be the person missing out on muscle growth or strength gains because you aren't feeling up to doing more reps in the gym. Stim up, raise hell, then get home & rest.

Who needs Excelsior?

1. Someone looking to take their performance in the gym to new heights.

2. Anyone looking for an edge.

3. Those seeking a huge jolt of energy.

All-Day Energy

When you start taking this product for the first time at a full dose, expect to squeeze out a full 12 hours of energy on a single dose. New/sensitive users might even find it lasts a few hours longer.

Relentless Focus
Be careful about taking this preworkout casually. Always make sure you have SOMETHING you need to do - whether it's a punishing workout or a huge stack of paperwork. You probably won't enjoy sitting around doing nothing on Excelsior.

Appetite Suppression
It's easy to forget about food on Excelsior, and this product will probably pay for itself in a few days from your appetite reduction. But do remember at least to snack regularly


Current Lot Number:  IN093189
Current Expiration Date:  10/2025
The container is semi-translucent and reddish in color