Immortal combines 334mg of NMN and 17mg of Pterostilbene per capsule, two compounds designed to work in concert to increase levels of NAD+ in the body. Research on both suggests they can offset the age-related decline in NAD+ with improvements across a host of physiological functions including suppressed inflammation, improved insulin control, extended lifespan, and enhanced mitochondrial function to name just three.

Immortal should be used once daily on a ongoing basis year-round to get the best out of it. For most people, starting with one capsule daily in the morning with food, is the best way to supplement Immortal.

By middle age NAD+ levels will be half what they would be in our youth so likely the greatest benefit will be received by those who are aged 40+ although many younger users will take it for the greater energy levels users typically experience.


  • Combines the two most highly touted anti-aging ingredients in one

  • NMN for enhanced NAD+ levels

  • Pterostilbene for sirtuin activation

  • Supports energy levels

  • Supports benefits across multiple systems

  • Better recovery