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This product is a novel of what legal hard-core supplement muscle builder should represent, Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE is cutting edge prohormone formula with and accelerated delivery system. This supplement is for men, and women should not use this product in general. This is a legal product to buy in the USA, and the key ingredient 4 DHEA, also known as 4-Andro and 4-androstene has been around for a really long time. It's been around for such a long time that more than likely your hardcore buddies have already tried it, and it has track record for delivery quality muscle mass among other key benefits we noted below under "product highlights". This product is best used by a user that wants to really pack on quality muscle mass, and quickly at that, and more safely than other alternatives out there. This product is non-liver toxic, so use of a cycle support supplement like Blackstone Labs Gear Support is not one hundred percent necessary, but it still recommended by take a cycle support while using Brutal 4CE by Legendary Supplements, as 4 DHEA is still very potent compound. Use of an anti-estrogen supplement is very necessary, we recommend Erosion by Primeval Labs, or Eradicate to counter the estrogen. Estrogen related side-effects depend greatly on the user; gyno is possible with the ingredient 4 Andro. Deploying one of these anti-estrogens, and taking it on a daily basis with Brutal 4CE, makes estrogen related side-effects virtually non-existent. 

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