Supreme focus for performance enhancement.

Fueled by Intellectus this innovative combination provides a clean yet extremely potent focus and energy that will help you push your workouts to new limits allowing you to truly take control of your fat loss. 

 InnovaPharm Enduralean Cardio Protective and Cardio Enhancing.

Containing two ingredients that will help boost thyroid function, promote healthy blood sugar levels and protect cardiac tissue, but studies have shown when taken in combination Ashwaganda and Terminalia Arjuna are extremely effective at enhancing athletic performance, cardiovascular endurance and increasing v02Max.

 InnovaPharm Enduralean Lean Muscle Protection.

With the Inclusion of HICA Enduralean ensures you will be burning fat, not muscle. Clinical research has shown that HICA is a potent muscle protecting Agent.

Targeted Fat Melting Matrix & Appetite Control.

A synergistic fat burning combination that targets stubborn fat and shifts the body to burn fat as its primary source