This revamped version of its predecessors God of War® Black and Red promises to perform at a higher level for optimal gym performance! God of War® was created with powerful stimulants and nootropics that will bring you back to 2015 when everyone went into “God Mode”.

Embrace your primal power with God of War® - the ultimate pre-workout meticulously designed to awaken your inner beast and elevate your workouts to a legendary status. In a world with lackluster options, God of War® stands out above the competition. It enables users for pure energy, laser focus, and an unmatched pump.

Prepare to redefine your limits and embrace your new era of performance. That’s why we created God of War® - the ultimate pre-workout formula for those who want to unleash their inner beast and #Prepare4War!


  • Formulated by industry leaders
  • Packed with more ingredients and higher doses than most competing products (more bang for your buck)
  • Truly a one-scoop wonder (vs. other products requiring you to use 2-3 scoops for comparable results)