An all-natural sleep aid that maximizes sleep efficiency and amplifies your ability to recover and recuperate from training. Animal PM features effective sleep and relaxation complexes that are non-habit forming and help you get your fullest, deepest sleep, while boosting growth hormone (GH) naturally.

Sleep is critical to the growth of new muscle and the development of strength, and rest is too often neglected by athletes seeking to optimize gains. Whether it be the stresses and demands of everyday life or an inability to rest soundly, sleep can be difficult to come by at times. You will only ever be as big and strong as your ability to recover. And you will only ever recover as well as you are able to sleep.

Animal PM is designed to help your body repair itself and grow new muscle tissue while you sleep, and our unique formula is based on a combination of Melatonin, vitamins and minerals, and innovative sleep support and muscle recovery complexes.

Animal PM comes in convenient, easy-to-use, individual packets allowing you to take a serving on the road or leave it in your nightstand for high quality sleep wherever you are. Make sleep efficiency a priority with Animal PM to ensure that you sleep deeper and more soundly while amplifying your ability to recover and recuperate from training.


  • Helps promote more efficient and restful sleep
  • Naturally boosts GH and improves muscle recovery
  • Non-habit forming all-natural formula with Melatonin
  • Sleep and Relaxation Complex includes a variety of herbs, including valerian root and chamomile, intended to promote relaxation, plus aminos and patented analogues designed to maximize muscle recovery.
  • GH Boosting Complex contains key ingredients to naturally boost growth hormone output including the clinically researched ingredients GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate). Animal PM boosts GH levels naturally to maximize your muscle recovery and growth time.