Vitol Russian Bear 5000 Weight Gainer

RUSSIAN BEAR 5000 WEIGHT AND MASS GAINER- 30-SHAKE GAINZ PROGRAM Improved and enhanced with whey and egg albumen, Russian Bear 5000 contains the highest protein ratio available- 40 grams of superior protein per serving (181 grams). Our high-tech formula uses glucose a simple carbohydrate that is a cell’s primary source of energy and it converts into naturally occurring sugar –...

Vitol Russian Bear Tablets

This LEGENDARY RUSSIAN POWERHOUSE formula synergizes adaptogens, metabolic intermediates, exogenous activators and energetics for an immediate kick in power and energy for competitive, Hardcore Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes. Boosted with VITAMINS• MINERALS• ANTIOXIDANTS• METHYL DONORS and KREBS CYCLE INTERMEDIATES as well as NATURAL TESTOSTERONE and LIBIDO BOOSTERS is the foundation for serious muscle enhancement. Dr. Val Vasilef, Researcher in Advanced...

Vitol Liquid Testron

Liquid TESTRON is a NATURAL POWERHOUSE body building product. The formula is sublingual for maximum absorption and effectiveness. The premium orchic glandular extract is augmented by boron for the ultimate masculine boost. raw glandular

Vitol Testron

Testron is considered to be a Power House by Val Vasilef, Winner of over 80 physique, power and weight lifting awards including Mr. America.Our product is scientifically freeze dried at 5 degrees C below to retain and preserve natural occurring enzymes, vitamins, minerals, nucleo-proteins, trace elements and all other essential cellular nutrients. raw glandular

Vitol Gorilla Nitro

The OG is Back! GORILLA NITRO for SERIOUS MUSCLE ENHANCEMENT AND RECOVERY Delivers advanced body building factors to encourage lean muscle growth, definition, stamina and recovery while promoting extreme muscle growth. COMPLETELY NATURAL product incorporates peak performance nutrients used by both Russian and USA’s Champions to gain quick results.  World renowned Dr. Val Vasilef – Researcher in Advanced Nutrition and...