Myogenesis is designed with one clear goal – to help users increase the rate at which muscle mass can be gained. It accomplishes this by both increasing the rate of protein synthesis but also by inhibiting muscle atrophy. The combination of both these effects acts to turbocharge recovery and overall muscle growth. That’s not all though as Myogenesis incorporates nutrients designed to enhance body composition making it the perfect supplement for almost any goal.

Both men and women can take Myogenesis and see improvements in body composition without any side effects. If you want to get bigger, stronger or leaner, Myogenesis is suitable for you!


  • Heralds a new era in natural physique enhancing supplements
  • Myogenic differentiation - creation of new muscle fibres
  • Inhibits muscle atrophy
  • Increases muscle protein synthesis
  • Optimizes body composition
  • 100% natural physique optimizer