What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone  from Dark Labs is the highest quality a steroid of the ecdysteroid group. It can be compared to testosterone because it has the ability to induce growth. You gain strength and energy in a natural and healthy way!

Recommended during periods of hard training, as an aid in gaining lean body mass and developing exercise capacity such as strength and endurance.


Extract of Ajuga Turkestanica helps in the following:

Increases the power

Increases libido

Increases immunity

Increases endurance.



Turkesterone does not bind to androgen receptors and therefore does not cause any side effects like testosterone.


Directions: Take 1 Capsule twice per day. Do not exceed 4 weeks of continuous use without a 4 week off period.


Servings per container – 60

Serving size:

1 capsule:

– 500 mg AjugaTurkestenica Extract (Std. min. 10% Turkesterone)