How many times have you seen a new ad for “the ultimate pre-workout” only to find its just one more copycat product, cheaply made product using low dosing and poor quality ingredients? Many of these products are over-loaded with stimulants and not much else –you end up crashing when you’re barely into your workout!

Introducing the new pre-workout leader - Meth Lab by TLM Research – this is the real “ultimate pre-workout” – featuring hardcore ingredients with hardcore dosing for serious results!

Our goal at TLM Research is to make effective products that really work – we only use proven ingredients designed to dramatically improve your workout results – ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate at the research- proven dose of 5 grams. This is the most researched creatine on the market – proven effective time and time again.

From there we add an insane 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous - talk about serious energy! This is a concentrated form of caffeine that will increase energy, focus, performance and fat burning!

Next, we add two exclusive ingredients - Higenamine and Theobromine.

Higenamine is comparable to ephedrine which means much greater workout endurance and it’s an effective fat burner!
Theobromine is a stimulant similar to caffeine, but it’s provides a milder energy effect and it’s much longer lasting than caffeine so there’s no crash – a side effect of caffeine by itself.

Meth Lab keeps the intensity going with Beta-Alanine, proven to enhance workout endurance and reduce fatigue.

We’ve also included Taurine for its synergistic cognitive benefits with our other stimulants, Niacin for its nutrient delivery properties due to its ability to increase blood flow and finally Beet Root for its exciting nutrient absorption benefits - added to Meth Lab; it enhances the absorption and delivery of the entire formula as well as improving workout performance!

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