RedCon1 Somal-Nor is a high anabolic DHEA pro hormone that converts to 19-NOR. If you've been having trouble adding lean muscle mass to your stature or you just naturally have a ectomorphic build to you, Somal-NOR is great to introduce into your RedCon1 supplement stack. With ZERO negative side effects and no conversion to estrogen, Somal-NOR raises the bar on expectations for PH products. Does going heavy in the gym have negative results on your joints? Fear no more, Somal-NOR also promotes healthy joint care to reduce any soreness or tension on tender muscle tissue and joints. Natural energy levels are also increased and you are able to sustain longer and more noticeable pumps throughout your workout which in turn can help increase nutrient flow making it that much easier to gain muscle mass.  


  • Lean and Consistent Muscle Gains
  • Will not convert to estrogen
  • Increases both muscular strength and endurance
  • No liver toxicity
  • Improves energy through the day
  • Noticeable and sustainable pumps
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