K1NGS SLAYER contains four effective ingredients supported by clinical data to induce significant muscle gain, where the clinical dose of 2g of Korean Mistletoe Extract replaces Robuvit®.  The remaining components of the formula is essentially unchanged; 750mg of Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, 600mg of Gentian Root extract and 300mg of Atractylodis Lanceae extract (20% Atractylodin).  Gentian Root significantly improves digestion and nutrient uptake. Hesperidin and Atractylodin are potent stimulators of ghrelin secretion, the link connecting somatic growth and body composition with energy metabolism.  Korean Mistletoe Extract is another innovative ingredient that Olympus Labs brings to the supplement industry. It has incredible potential as a stimulator of myogenesis, mitochondrial function and I-GF-1 receptor signalling.  Those pathways ultimately result in increased endurance, increases in skeletal muscle mass and reduction of muscle breakdown. It is quite amazing to have all these properties in one ingredient at the magnitude that KME provides, let alone one that is completely natural.


The combination of these four ingredients in K1NGS SLAYER will provide nothing short of exceptional results.  As always, Olympus Labs builds our formulations on thorough research and sound science which is reflected in the complete dosing of each ingredient.. In fact, K1NGS SLAYER contains doses on the high end or higher than clinical studies so you can rest assured you will experience maximize muscle anabolism.  In order to build your ultimate physique you need the ultimate muscle builder and that is K1NGS SLAYER.

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