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  • Explosive Testosterone Boosting
  • Powerful Libido Boosting
  • Androgen Potentiation
  • Energy Enhancement
  • Cortisol Modulation
  • Mood Elevation

Olympus Labs K1ng’s Blood is the evolution of hormonal optimization. Featuring clinical doses of the most powerful ingredients on the market today, K1ng’s Blood will recreate the way you view PCT's. Designed primarily to be the ultimate post cycle therapy, K1ing’s Blood is the optimal way to restart your natural HPTA after the harshest of cycles.

More than just a PCT, as a standalone product K1ng’s Blood can be used as a potent test booster and anabolic powerhouse between cycles as well. There’s no limit as to what you can accomplish with K1ng’s Blood from Olympus Labs.

$ 54.95