The Gym God of Pre Workouts

Meet the God of pre workouts, Arez. Arez contains a high powered stimulant blend designed to do one thing, bring you the most intense workout you've ever had. The godlike energy surge found in Arez is second to none, and contains some of the most popular, effective stimulants on the market today. Think you know pre workouts? You know nothing until you've tried Arez.

Arez 100% Full Disclosure Formula Breakdown

Hyper Pump Catalyst
  • Gigantic 3g dose of Beta Alanine. This brings not only the intense "beta tingles" but helps with intra workout endurance as well.
  • Intense pump/nitric oxide blend consisting of the most popular and effective nitric oxide boosters on the market today. L-Citrulline and HydroMax have made their reputation as the top two nitric oxide boosters on the market and headline this blend. But Arez doesn't stop there, including Agmatine and Arginine HCl as well.

God-like Energy Surge
  • 2-Aminoisoheptane or DMHA is the premiere stimulant on the market today. Frequently combined with Eria Jarensis (also in Arez) due to the synergistic relationship they have, users of DMHA generally see an intense energy, focus, and mood boost that blows caffeine only pre workouts out of the water. In addition, many report less of a crash.
  • Synephrine, also known as bitter orange, is an intense stimulant that also aids in weight loss.
  • Dendrobium is a very solid stimulant that just makes the Arez blend even better.
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria, or Alpha Yohimbine, is a common stimulant used in pre workouts and weight loss products. The concentration used in Arez is one of the highest ever used in pre workout.

Mind Muscle Fusion Matrix
  • Arez contains a whopping 350mg of caffeine. It used to be that a pre workout was considered powerful if it contained over 300mg caffeine. Arez contains that plus all of the other crazy stimulants mentioned above.
  • Noopept is a powerful focus enhancer and nootropic that is used as a prescription drug in some countries. Actually, Noopept is THE nootropic and essentially created the category.
  • Hordenine is a focus enhancer designed to really give you that mind/muscle connection.
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