Breaking clouds with a uniquely similar formula to the current AREZ SUPER, this special limited edition version brings out some new artillery that we have NEVER seen from the AREZ family of products:

Limited Edition Additions:

  • 1,500MG Betaine Nitrate (as NO3-T)
  • ENHANCED Water-Pump NOX Matrix  
    [Now a Clinical 4,000mg L-Citrulline + Watermelon Powder + Betaine Anhydrous + Malic Acid]
  • SuperShroom™ - The Psychophysical Endurance™ Ingredient
    [Boasting 1 entire gram of Nootropic/Endurance Focused Mushrooms.]
  • 500MG DMAE For Enhanced Nootropic Effect
    [Added synergy with CholinACE™ and ShuperShroom]
  • ADDED 100MG Theobromine
    [Equals 450MG Total Xanthine’s W/ 350 MG Caffeine, Over 1G of ENERGY BASED RAWS!]

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