Arez, the God of the Gym has ascended into a new, higher form - so you can meet his challenge of obtaining “forever more”. The original formula used everything available during its inception to bring about extreme pump, energy, and focus; guaranteeing a skin tearing and jaw clenching session for every workout thrown at it. 

Through painstaking research, testing, and scouring of the earth for the greatest ergogenics, Arez “God of the Gym” has evolved to its NEXT form. It's here to provide you with even MORE pump, MORE endurance, MORE strength, and MORE god-like energy than ever. 

THIS is Arez Super (スーパー), and it's here to bring absolute domination to the battleground of the gym. The newly evolved Arez Super (スーパー) is designed to cover all essential factors to take your workouts to levels never thought attainable. 

$ 39.95