Nothing at Ninja is done lightly and this is one extreme formula!

Ninja Burn has been formulated to reduce appetite and fatigue with generous amounts of stimulants whilst at the same time through our nootropic profile providing increased mood and focus in a caloric deficit. Simultaneously Burn will get that core temperature and metabolism firing with our long list of included thermogenic ingredients.

We had to go to 3 capsules on this one. We couldn’t leave out anything! Please start at 1 or 2 capsules and check individual tolerance. Only advanced Ninjas will be using the 3 capsule serving so for everyone else this is really a 45 day supply!

Just remember, we warned you!
It’s time to Level Up!

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Six, Yes SIX patented ingredients!
Increased Metabolic Performance
Increased energy and focus
Appetite suppression
Prevents Fat Storage
Utilizes fat for energy
    $ 41.95