The story of NITRO-TECH® stretches back almost 18 years. As a protein supplement, nothing rates higher than whey protein in terms of biological value, nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. The problem is, whey has limitations and nobody seemed to want to tackle the issue. After all, bodybuilders kept buying regular whey, so why change a good thing that’s working well? Bodybuilders never had the chance to buy something better than whey . . . until the launch of NITRO-TECH.

Not satisfied with the status quo, MuscleTech® set its research and development team to the daunting task of improving regular whey protein. After four years of intense research, MuscleTech proudly introduced NITRO-TECH – and the new millennium ushered in a new technology of whey protein supplementation!

Now, in 2015, NITRO-TECH is one of the world’s most loved protein supplements, available in over 100 countries worldwide.

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