Mass Gainer Description from Muscle Maxx
MUSCLEMAXX Mass Gainer has arrived. With a massive 1326 calories and 56g of protein in every serving, you will pack on mass like never before. 4 blends provide you with fast and slow protein delivery. Carbohydrates are the key to driving rapid muscle gains quickly. MUSCLEMAXX Mass gainer provides a whopping 253 g of 3 forms of carbs to fuel your gains and performance in the gym.
Creatine is widely considered to be the most effective strength and size building supplement know to sports nutrition science; MUSCLEMAXX has included two forms of creatine MAXX Amino Matrix to rapidly boost your gains.
To further enhance recovery and increase muscle protein synthesis, MUSCLEMAXX Mass gainer is fortified with aminos like L-Glycine, L-Glutamine and the essential BCAas L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-IsoLeucine.
MUSCLEMAXX Mass gainer is a rapid mass gainer that provides a complete spectrum of nutrients that provide the necessary elements to fuel your gains.
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