Bodybuilding's premier and trusted test booster is now even stronger! New groundbreaking research at the University of Tampa Human Performance Laboratory shows that Clinical Strength T-BOMB 3xtreme not only increases total testosterone, it resulted in 32% greater bioactive free testosterone in just six weeks without increasing estrogen levels. Researchers gave T-BOMB 3xreme to athletes training upwards of 10 times per week for six weeks. The workout conditions were so intense that the control athletes who did not take T-BOMB 3xtreme actually decreased free testosterone and lsot lean body mass. But the athletes using T-BOMB 3xtreme daily experienced elevated testosterone, increased free testosterone and an improved testosterone-to-estrogen ratio! 

Clinical Strength T-BOMB 3xtreme uses potent doses of powerful herbal extracts, an advanced five-phase hormone optimizing technology and a 2nd Messenger Complex to help increase testosterone levels while inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, blocking estrogen receptors and reducing the production of DHT - to help enhance muscle building and male performance.


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