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Enhance lean mass gains and recovery with Predator Pro!

Killer Labz Predator Pro isn’t your typical whey protein powder.

Predator Pro supplies 26 grams of premium-quality whey protein in every serving, but further supports muscle growth and recovery with the addition of two powerful all-natural muscle growth supplements in epicatechin and laxogenin.

This duo of muscle builders amplifies the anabolic potential of whey protein, promoting superior gains in size, strength, and power.

Predator Pro Highlights

  • Whey protein blend
  • 26g high quality protein per serving
  • Laxosterone for enhanced muscle protein synthesis
  • (-)Epicatechin for added muscle growth
  • Supports muscle repair and recovery
  • Enhances lean mass gains

Predator Pro Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Blend -- Predator Pro combines whey concentrate and whey isolate to deliver a product supplying a high amount of protein without sacrificing taste, texture, or unnecessary amounts of your carb and fat macros.
  • (-)Epicatechin -- non-hormonal anabolic derived from dark chocolate that increases follistatin, reduces myostatin, and enhances lean mass gains, strength, and power
  • Laxosterone -- steroidal sapogenin derived from Smilax Sieboldii noted to enhance protein synthesis and prevent catabolism through initiation Akt phosphorylation

What to Expect?

Predator Pro mixes easily, tastes phenomenal, and can fit into any diet plan. It’s similar to previous protein powders you’ve tried in the past, but has so much more to offer thanks to the inclusion of laxogenin and epicatechin.

These two natural muscle building supplements enhance protein synthesis in the body and decrease muscle breakdown, leading to faster recovery, less soreness, increased strength, and greater muscle growth. 


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