Crimson was created to offer much more than your typical “condensed” pre-workout, that of which might only offer a higher dose of caffeine and yohimbine. In an industry that uses terms like “hardcore” with impunity, we wanted to design something that takes your energy and focus to another level without leaving you with the jitters and cold sweats. Yes, Crimson is an edgy pre-workout. Yes, it will take your workouts to a whole new level. Crimson is a one-scoop formula that has what it takes to drive even the most advanced user. On that note, don’t think we skipped on the pump / cell-volumization area. We packed Crimson with 8g of proven ingredients that offer an incredible workout experience inside and outside the gym. In the end, Crimson was created to offer a next level experience at an affordable price. We wanted to create something that is available to everyone.

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