No one's got time to eat right all the time. Myoplex Original Shake solved this problem a long time ago when they introduced the concept of the meal replacement shake. High-protein meal replacement shakes like Myoplex have since become an indispensable weapon in the fight to stay in shape. You just can't beat them for nutrition and convenience.

One of the most-popular meal replacement shakes is EAS' Myoplex Original. People keep coming back to Myoplex Original because it has what most customers were looking for in the first place. It's got a high-protein content of 42 grams, which is sufficient for all but the most extreme bodybuilders. Myoplex is also good source of 28 vitamins and minerals, but not so much that you need to (or should) stop taking your multivitamin. The easy-to-mix formula means you don't need access to a blender to mix up a clump-free shake. Myoplex Original is 99% lactose-free so almost anyone can use it. Don't let a busy lifestyle or demanding schedule chip away at your fitness by undermining your nutrition. It just takes a few minutes to mix up and drink a Myoplex shake and by using them to strategically replace traditional sit-down (high-calorie) meals, you'll stay on track 24-7.
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