The scientists at DS Laboratories have developed a type of hair restoration treatment that could work for you. Spectral.DNC-N is a topical application that can help with thinning or shedding hair and general hair loss in men and women. The company describes this product as "the reactive topical for compromised hair."

The Spectral.DNC-N uses Nanoxidil instead of Minoxidil to activate the natural chemical reaction for new hair growth. If you’ve tried products containing Minoxidil and have experienced side effects, such as and itching, dry scalp and irritation, the Nanoxidil used in the Spectral.DNC-N treatment could be a great alternative for you. Whether the cause of your hair loss stems from genetics or a disease, this product can help. It is formulated with premium ingredients to treat hair loss in men and women of any age.

Simply apply it twice a day by dispensing six pumps onto your fingertips. Make sure your fingers are covered entirely, and then rub the solution into your scalp. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water when you’re done, but don’t rinse your scalp. Let the product dry completely before moving onto the next step of your hair care routine. It is important to use this product as directed for three months to get the best results, so be sure to take it with you during your travels. It is also recommended that you use it whether or not you’ve washed your hair.

Spectral.DNC-N comes in a 2 ounce (60ml) spray bottle.

$ 29.95