Part of DS Laboratories cutting-edge hair restoration suite, Revita high-performance hair-growth stimulating shampoo preserves hair and avoids shedding by maintaining the vitality of your scalp using a variety of anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antioxidant agents. Gentle and chemical- free, Revita shampoo will be beneficial no matter how much hair you've lost. 


Apply DS Laboratories Revita to scalp with a gentle massage then leave for one to two minutes before rinsing. Repeat process but leave on scalp for three to five minutes. Follow with a high-quality conditioner like DS Laboratories Revita.COR hair-growth stimulating conditioner. For best results, Revita should be used at least five times per week.

Why it Works

DS Laboratories Revita uses a variety of natural ingredients each with a specific purpose for aiding hair retention and growth. Recently discovered procyanidin B-2 has been demonstrated via clinical trials to stimulate hair and promote rejuvenation of the hairline. Other active ingredients include amino acids, whose proteins give strength to hair, and emu oil whose fatty acids aid hydration.

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