Want Ripped Abs? Then look no further! AB FX Advanced Transdermal Formula is specifically designed to get rid of hard to lose abdominal fat-FAST!

Exclusive European formula combines the most advanced fat mobilizers available today, with Beta and Alpha Hydroxy Acids that make your skin smoother while it works. This precisely balanced formulation penetrates deep into the outer layers of the skin, enhancing mobilization of fat cells while you train. The result: Elimination of the spongy layer of excess surface body fat that keeps you from looking rock hard. 
Suggested Use: Apply AB FX ten minutes prior to workout to desired muscle areas. Rub directly into your skin until cream disappears. NOTE: You'll feel and see a slight warmth and redness where applied. This is the result of the fat mobilization and will gradually fade after use. Wash hands immediately after application. Re-apply as desired.