Blackstone Labs went to the drawing board after the original "Cobra 6" was formulated, because they realized that they wanted it be strong, much stronger. PJ Braun and Aron, the owners of Blackstone Labs kept getting request from hundreds of people to make their diet supplement stronger. Especially after Blackstone employees kept telling them another product on the market was stronger, and more effective, and they weren’t goanna setting for second place. The result, was Cobra 6p Extreme by Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements. The new version is made to give insane energy and appetite suppression, while being the most effect legal fat burner in the USA today. Their number one goal with this new version was literally be the most extreme diet supplement available. Let’s talk about how this formula was designed now. 

Caffeine Anhydrous - We all know what caffeine is, it's in everything we love, soda, tea, coffee, energy drinks, a much much more. However, what is the caffeine Anhydrous in Blackstone Labs Cobra 6p Extreme? It's quite simple, according to chemistry, it's a fact that caffeine anhydrous is most potent form of caffeine available today. This form of caffeine has less water than any other form of caffeine, making it more potent, and less diluted. In the end, you get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t' want.

Achyranthes Aspera - This my favorite ingredient in Cobra 6p Extreme by Blackstone Labs. It really has the least direct effect on weight loss in the supplement in my expert opinion. But none the less it's a core ingredient that makes this supplement one of a kind. Achyranthes Aspera in this supplement provides users with decreased anxiety, decreased depressive symptoms, in short just improving overall mood of it's users. This was included in this supplement to provide a more common effect on your body, since overall the supplement is an extreme stimulate, and thermogenesis.

Amperalli (2-Amino-4-Methylpentane) - This is the single most hardcore ingredient in this fat burner. It targets the whole body (central nervous system) to provide users with crazy, intense, literally mind-blowing energy. This ingredient is almost camouflaged under the name 2-amino-4-methylpentane, it's more common name is you might know it by is Amp Citrate. This ingredient main effect is that it constricts blood vessels in the body temporarily, which gives users an elevated heart rate, provide energy, stamina, and increases calorie burn output.

Theobromine - This ingredient is used as another stimulant in the formula, to help provide energy and boost metabolism. It's found naturally foods and candy containing chocolate. Theobromine is extracted from the cocoa plant, same plant that produces the chocolate. Theobromine in studies, suggest that it provides and increase in overall mood after consuming it. 

Dendrobium - This plant is known around the world for multiple benefits, it has recently started appearing in pre-workout supplements in the USA.  Around the world this orchid plants chemicals are known for pain relieving, and possible to also lower blood pressure.

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