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Omega Sanktion is loaded with ingredients that will provide massive energy, laser focus, and monster pumps unlike any other pre-workout on the market!!

L-Citrulline DL-Malate is a combination of Citrulline, an amino acid, and Malate, the salt of malic acid. It is used as a to increase athletic performance and extreme physical exertion by delaying the onset of fatigue and muscle pain.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that helps escalate carnosine levels in your muscles. Carnosine helps prevent your muscles from becoming acidic during intense exercise. This results in a reduction of fatigue and boosts endurance.

Choline bitartrate produces a number of Nootropic effects including improved memory, cognitive boosts, and mental stimulation.

Yohimbine is an ingredient used to support energy, healthy sexual function, and aid in maintaining low body fat.

Caffeine is such an effective stimulant that many people are using a highly concentrated caffeine powder, or caffeine anhydrous, to stimulate athletic performance or weight loss. 

DMHA carries out a variety of similar functions such as enhancing energy levels, enhancing cognitive function, decreasing appetite and improving bronchodilation. DMHA has also been shown to increase levels of dopamine and noradrenaline; two hormones responsible for making you "feel good" and allowing you to perform in stressful situations.

Eria Jarensis The resultant feelings of euphoria and heightened alertness/focus last for the best part of an hour when taken responsibly. In fact, it crosses the blood-brain barrier very easily, which means it might be the stimulant of choice for people who want the feel-good factor and cognitive edge. This also means it pairs well with other stimulants such as DMHA, that both compliment and accentuate its benefits.

Synephrine a molecule similar to ephedra but not as potent. Synepherine is said to increase energy expenditure, breaks down fat, and increases glucose uptake by muscles.

Noopept is a potent nootropic drug that can help promote increased learning and enhance cognitive abilities.


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