Ntel Pharma Arez "White" (w/ DMHA)

$ 59.95 - $ 89.95

The Gym God of Pre Workouts Meet the God of pre workouts, Arez. Arez contains a high powered stimulant blend designed to do one thing, bring you the most intense workout you've ever had. The godlike energy surge found in Arez is second to none, and contains some of the most popular, effective stimulants on the market today. Think you...


Ntel Pharma Arez "Mega"

AREZ, the almighty god of the gym and granter of gains, descends from the heavens once every thousand generations to bestow on his loyal followers a gift unlike any other. Intense energy Laser focus Skin-tearing pumps Pulsing vascularity Endless endurance Increased fat burning Elevated mood Maximum Nitric Oxide production Relentless drive and motivation ZERO crash   arrez ares


Ntel Pharma Arez "Titanium"

$ 44.95 - $ 54.95

The evolution of NTel Pharma’s popular pre workout Arez now has a new addition to the family in Arez Titanium.  Arez Titanium was formulated to deliver super human focus, mind blowing pumps, and a surge of extreme powder and energy.  If you’ve tried any other version of Arez, you know NTel doesn’t hold back with formulating a great product.  Comparable...


Ntel Pharma Arez "Low Stim"

$ 34.95

AREZ God of the Gym has taken the world by storm. The newest installment of the popular Pre Workout Supplement brings us a version of AREZ WITHOUT Alpha Yohimbe, and with less overall stimulants for those with a low tolerance! Our newest formula boasts powerful doses of Citrulline, Beta Alanine, Alpha GPC, and much more! Hardcore Pre Workout Clinically Dosed...