INFL8 is a blood-flow product you take before your workout that not only gives you the juiciest pumps you’ve had in a long time, but it actually increases the rate of muscle growth in the long run.

It uses 2 ingredients: Arachidonic Acid and Hydroprime Glycerol Powder.

  • 🩸Arachidonic Acid is a fatty acid, found in peanut oil, that causes an inflammatory response in your muscles, causing them to literally swell up.
  • đź’§Hydroprime™ Glycerol Powder is a patented form of glycerol powder that increases blood plasma production, and helps transport water within those blood cells.

So here’s where the magic happens:

Arachidonic acid causes inflammation in the muscles, causing them to break down quicker. A byproduct of this effect is a rush of blood, carrying essential nutrients and water (from glycerol powder) which allows your body to repair and rebuild them more efficiently. So now you’re breaking down and repairing your muscles at an expedited rate, ergo quicker muscle growth! Not to mention one of the juiciest, wateriest pumps out there.


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