Black Ant King Male Enhancer can increase and enlarge the penis, increase your sexual desire/drive, prevent impotence and premature ejaculation and prolong the time of sex. Black Ant King Male Enhancer can last in the human body for up to 180 hours without any side effect, dependency, blush, rapid heartbeat, nausea, headache. Black Ant Male Enhancer is one of the best male enhancement products today!

Black Ant Male Enhancer is designed to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, weak sperm, sexual dysfunction and decreased sexual desire.

Dosage Recommendation:

Please take one pill orally with warm glass of water 15-20 minutes before sexual activity. If erection persist, please drink a cold glass of water. Black Ant Male Enhancer can last in the body up to 180 hours!


Black Ant King can make the penis larger,thicker,harder and stronger.

Black Ant King can enhance male performance.

Black Ant King can helps men suffering from impotence to maintain controlled ejaculation.

Black Ant King can promote a thicker, larger, harder and stronger penis.



Don't take more than one tablet in a 24 hour time frame (One tablet is good for up to 180 hours)

If the penis erects repeatedly or erects without ejaculation, take cool boiled water to relieve it

For best results take one pill 15-20 minutes before engaging in activity.



Consult with your physician before taking this product.

Do not take with other medicines (Prescriptions, Over-The-Counter or Recreational Medicines included)

No more than 1 a day (Within a 24 hour time frame)

If erection persist or last longer than expected, please drink a glass of cold water for relief.

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